Possibly last post while in Vietnam March 5, 2013

This could possibly be our last post while we are in Vietnam.  I will try my best to keep you all posted on anything we get the pleasure to cook or partake in.  We spent our evening with WONDERFUL company, Alyssa from Suppin Good and Kamal a great musician.  We had all American fare to prepare us for our departure.  Incredible hamburgers from Golden State.  SOO good!!!  

Also, we were announced the Feature Blog of the Day on Foodista!!!!  We got a new badge on our blog!  Check it out! 

We end the fridge today with larb, a Thai and Laos dish that is so good and so simple.  When we get it at one of our favorite Thai places in L.A, its usually ground chicken.  We thawed out some beef tenderloin the night before and decided to make larb.  Naturally, the only thing fresh in our fridge is 3 serrano peppers and cabbage.

Its really easy to make.  Use ground pork, chicken, chopped or ground beef.  All season to taste, just like anything else you cook.  

In a hot pan with oil, add garlic, peppers, and then ground or chopped meat.  Then add some fish sauce, when its just about done cooking, add lime juice and finish it off with roasted rice powder. We use lemon on everything now because that's what Matt harvests in the neighborhood.  Rice powder is REALLY easy to make.  I bought it thinking I didn't know what it was, curiosity.  When I tasted it, I knew instantly.  We use it in Viet dishes too!  Its superb stuff!!  LOVe IT! 

Served with big leaves of cabbage to wrap up and eat.  So good!! Larb!  Laap!  This dish is Laos and Thai, wanted to make sure Laos got the credit it deserves for this simple and tasty dish.  If we had green onion, onion, cilantro, and mint...you'd see those bad boys in  there.   

Try it!! Its really good and sooooo easy!!!

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