Lil D cooks steak for the first time

Matt is usually proteins, and Lil D is usually sides and veggies.  Not always, but most of the time.  We were invited to come over to a friends house for what we thought was a small little dinner.  The gals were gonna cook, while the boys consumed themselves with a music project.  I plop myself into the kitchen with a glass of wine, and was presented with the groceries that were just purchased, and an announcement there was a party of 9 to serve.  Ha!  The 3 of us lovely ladies worked together to make a simple steak dinner.  Adina made tomato basmati rice and peas.  Veronica, we bossed around like we were in a commercial setting.  We had a few hard to please customers.  I cooked asparagus with a little balsamic vinegar and it was finished with lemon juice.
The steaks were heavily seasoned with salt and tons of pepper. 
The mother of the house comes in and announces she wants medium rare steak.  She's very serious when she's announcing this.  Adina yells very seriously "Did you hear that D?  Pearl wants medium rare steak."  I look at her, and we explode into laughter.  We all know I don't know what I'm doing.  

The steak turned out perfect!  I did learn from the best.  Keep the seasoning simple.  Good heavy smoking hot pan, and go! It ended up being a really fun cooking experience.  Two home cooked meals outside of our home in 2 days!  Love it.  So much better than eating out. I also discovered I like A1 sauce.

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